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A Rummage Through My Closet…
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A Rummage Through My Closet… 

A Rummage Through My Closet

I am, I admit fascinated by other women’s wardrobes. We share so much as women, but rarely do we ever get a glimpse into the inner sanctum of the closet.  Maybe it’s because it’s a mess (Yes!)  we think it’s too small ( I don’t care about myself?) or embarrassingly large?  ( I’m vain and spend too much)  Maybe you have things with labels on you’ve not worn…( shopping addiction?) Either way our wardrobes can be a bit of a vulnerability.

I announced that after a year in virtual lockdown, wearing pyjamas or leggings that I would cook Christmas Dinner in sequins and heels, and I did. So then came New Year and I was determined not to see in 2021 without making a similar effort.  I’m quite a girly girl at heart and so I do have a fair collection of party dresses, so was happy to choose from what I already had in my wardrobe.

That’s not just because I felt disinclined to buy new, since we hardly socialise these days, but also I’m feeling that in 2021 I want to streamline. My husbands is a Marie Kondo dream client. Several times a year he ruthlessly strips his closet of anything not worn that year, anything that doesn’t quite fit and regardless of label or cost it gets sent to a charitable cause.

Me, I have things in my wardrobe that date back to the 80’s. You can guarantee that if I do throw out a top, I will within weeks, buy a skirt that would have matched perfectly, and in turn go out and replace the thrown out top with an identical new version.  As a result my wardrobe has incrementally crept to share space with everyone else’s wardrobes. Much to their annoyance.

So I thought that in the New Year I would have a snoop about, gather up my sequins and recycle 2021’s New Years outfit. And then I am going to radically reduce my sequin footprint. I have realised I don’t need excess and am at last going for quality over quantity.

Come in and look in my wardrobe

So you are in for a treat. A video of my embarrassingly messy, overstuffed walk in wardrobe. I’m lucky to have it I know.  But it hasn’t stopped me spreading like a bad rash into the bathroom beyond. Luckily this is the guest room so hubby doesn’t have to move my clothes racks and shoes to have a shower!

If you are feeling brave enough do your own version of  a Rummage Through My Closet and Send us your videos of your wardrobes or if you aren’t feeling that brave, an anonymous snapshot!!

Ideas on where to recycle? Let us know of any Clothes Swaps/charities collecting etc.

If you are streamlining then do look at Marie Kondo on

or have a look at some of our other blogs on fashion

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