About Us

About Us

Hello, Lovely to Meet you, and thanks for checking us out!


The Chamomile Lounge was created because we both have an opinion on anything and a lot to say about pretty much everything.


Friends for ages, we, like many women have spent years juggling hectic careers, running businesses,  raising crazy kids, cooking like Nigella, sometimes cleaning, often entertaining and socialising, struggling to stay in shape and ward off wrinkles, whilst organising holidays, running our homes and generally supporting  everyone around us. We laugh a lot and don’t always have the answers, but this is us…   


I’m Amanda, crazy welsh girl, living in Dubai since the 90’s with husband Billy. We have three children, a son George in University in Switzerland, James enjoying boarding school a little too much in the UK and little Jenna, the only one left in the nest for now who bosses us all about. Add to that Darcie and Hippo the two mad Havanese puppies and that’s The Harkins. 


I love a project, big or small, and generally have several going on at once. I’m a sucker for a hack or a shortcut, I’m obsessed with house stuff particularly cushions, I have more shoes than Imelda Marcos,  collect clutch bags that I never use and I’m always buying Tupperware. My style crush is Sarah Jessica Parker and I’m a total tea addict. I Look forward to getting to know you.


I’m Lorraine and I’ve spent the last 7 years also living the expat life in the Middle East. I’ve travelled extensively, gathered amazing experiences and I’ve had a wonderful time. 

For me this blog as a creative outlet. I’m happy to share a little bit of my life, my travels and my style with you. 

I’m not a fashion expert but I love style, I’m not an interior designer but I spend hours designing and restyling my home, my friends’ homes and the homes of anyone else who will let me.


I’m a qualified counsellor, grandma, keen golfer and part time yogi wanna be. 

I’m a great believer that you are as old as you feel and I personally feel way younger than my years. 

I’m about to make the transition back to living in the Uk and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.


As Expats we have lived abroad in Dubai and Qatar and now divide our time between The Middle East and Europe. Along the way we have learnt so many things and have navigated life and its ups and downs. We are passionate about connecting with women like us on a platform that wasn’t invented when we were in our prime, but hey there’s nothing we can’t do.


The Chamomile Lounge is a cosy space to curl up and chat about all the things we women love, share ideas and inspirations about Home, Food, Travel, our busy lives and the things we deal with every day. Look out for lots of contributors too, we aren’t the only ones 


So come on in to The Chamomile Lounge, join us and stay a while, we would love to hear from you.