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Am I Too Old For White Jeans
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Am I Too Old For White Jeans 


At what age do I give this trend up? Can you put an age limit on personal style?
Personally, I’ve always loved my white jeans, I’m not ready to give them up. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing them. I’m the one still hanging onto white jeans into winter and calling them my winter whites.   Admittedly, I understand that I need to pay a little more attention to ensure that I carry them off well.  I need to shop a little longer, buy the best quality that I can find, given that white jeans aren’t very forgiving. Buy the wrong pair, too thin, too clingy and they’re prone to show everything, including those dimpled thighs and any wobbly bits. But get it right and they can be classically stylish. They can be that wardrobe staple to carry you through the seasons.

So, if you’ve been opting for joggers and leggings during lockdown, why not lift your style  a little and check out our inspo.


all white jeans outfit slim white jeans classic look summer style
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Upgrade them with classic accessories. (see my 1o essential wardrobe staples), maybe a classic trench coat and a stylish bag.

Don’t forget the ease of a simple white t-shirt.  Tip: Buy the best quality that you can afford to keep the look high-end.


simple white jean style look with white shirt and loafers fashion

Keep the look fresh with an all white ensemble. Pay attention to your accessories, keeping them sharp and simple.  Choose a loafer for that classic polished look.

white jeans and white shirt outfit classic style


Add a heel to elevate your style.


long natural cardi over white jeans classic style

If you need to cover up why not add a long cardigan to pull the look together.


Shop these options



Am I too old for white jeans? Let us know what you think and how you are styling yours?

Are you looking for more easy style options? See







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