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Are You A Floaty Floral?
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Are You A Floaty Floral? 

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Are You A Floaty Floral? I never was until my husband bought me a dress one Christmas. Historically, hubby buying me clothes was a D for Disaster. One year I opened an extremely optimistically sized and tight (!) pillar box red bodycon dress with a zip that went from neck to hem. Delighted he thought I would get in it let alone rock it! A few years later I opened a floaty flowery number, but at least it fitted.

floaty floral dress

Funny though, although I had never owned an outfit more suited to Margot from The Good Life ( now truly showing my age) but I did actually quite like it. 

Floaty dresses are feminine, they make you stick out your little finger when drinking tea, and waft along, fabric floating in the breeze, rather than the power stomp you adopt when wearing a suit. So I’m a convert, and I admit that my wardrobe now does have its fair share of floaters (!)  


floaty summer dress

Wearing florals can be tricky though.  Too busy and you look like a walking jungle.  Keep to a colour palette that suits you, Think curated bouquet rather than petrol station bunch!  Also unless you look like a beanstalk, keep the print small.  Also, remember to think of the fabrics. Polyester in the summer will have you feeling more amazon rain forest than English country garden. Chiffon is very romantic, but not if you can see your knickers through it!  

So go girls, embrace your inner floater

Stylish floaty dress

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