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Bloom Where You’re Planted

Bloom Where You’re Planted 

I recently read in an article written by Cupcakes and Cashmere ( one of my favourites) that you should Bloom Where You’re Planted. What it said was that you should take whatever situation you find yourself in, and be the best person you can be in that moment. That is, take it in, give it perspective and then be grateful.

Be honest – when a friend calls and asks about your day, how often do you lead with the negative?  The things that went wrong rather than right? The taxi that was late, the rude cashier, the dog pooped on your best rug. I know I do, and I’ve always thought it was done very tongue in cheek, a bit self deprecating. But when it boils down to it it’s still negative.

Default to Drama…

We tend to do it almost by unintentional default to lead with the drama. Instead of prioritising that it was a beautiful sunny day, and that the taxi was late but to a lovely lunch with a friend, and that the rug has been pooped on before – who cares I love my puppies to bits, they bring me joy.

I never considered myself a glass half empty person but I do fall into this trap and so do many people I know. When you’re mindful of this, it’s incredible the impact it has on your own psyche and those around you.

You would be surprised how many times in a day you’re asked how you are. That in itself is something to be grateful for. There are many that don’t have that network of people who care. Those times when something bad happens and you say…ah puts things in perspective! We all do it, but that perspective should be a constant in our lives. We are lucky. Even in the shitty covid era, most of us have something to be grateful for. And as friends it frees us up to be empathetic to the people that really are having a  bad time.

Multiply the times you don’t immediately go to the blessings. You are repeating a constant litany of negativity throughout your day that is so easy to buy into.

So next time your phone goes, and you hear, How are you doing….? Give yourself a second before you answer.

And bloom where you’re planted!

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