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Capturing Memories
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Capturing Memories 

I love Capturing Memories but I hate being photographed, There are very few pictures of me up in the house. Ironically the ones that are, hail from one single occasion on holiday. And in a nod to pure irony, those photographs are not only of me in a bikini (gulp) but just after major surgery (!). Much kudos to the photographer that managed to make me wall-worthy.

The Posed For Portrait

In my husbands family home in Ireland there always hung a photograph. Ornate frame, everyone in their sunday best, 80’s haircuts ( sorry girls). The family had a love hate relationship with that picture but it’s magical in that it transports you immediately back to the era. A snapshot in time. And in a digital age, when we have a million snapshots encased in a device that no one ever sees, it’s still nice to have something on the wall.

A photographer is a great investment if you’re going to have to look at it for the years to come.

The Goofy Ones are Best

But when you get the 400 options back from them, don’t go for perfection. Don’t look for the one where they are looking directly at the camera, hair perfect. Go for the goofy. Capturing memories is about the times  where they are caught off guard. Those are the ones that in years to come will make you smile.

James below was in such a bad mood we had to tickle him to get a reaction that wasn’t a frown. I love it even though I can’t even see his whole face properly, it catches the essence of his personality.

George was trying so hard to be good. I had asked him to keep still and smile, but he couldn’t resist stealing a glance at his naughty younger brother.

And Jenna had just grabbed the beads around my neck and yanked them. My strangled face was cropped out but her look of joy was awesome.





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