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How To Wear A Kimono
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How To Wear A Kimono 

How to Wear a Kimono


Kim Kardashian isn’t a fashion icon I would normally follow. See-through dresses and thigh-high boots look out of place on the school run. But this week she did rock one of my favourite fashion staples – the kimono  It’s perfect for Dubai weather in that it’s often lightweight, usually silk or cotton and always bright in keeping with the sunshine. But as Kim Kardashian proves, it’s a hit with leather trousers too.

kimono dress

They can, however, be tricky to style if you try too hard. Jeans, heels and a silk top is a great casual night out option, and team with trainers and plain T-shirt for the day. 

kimono women style

Over smarter trousers and blouse for a more stylish look. Make sure that your base layers are plain, clashing patterns may work on the runways of Paris but in reality, they just look a bit much if not done right, so my advice is to keep it simple. Also, make sure your kimono isn’t too long, it shouldn’t drown you or skim the floor. If it comes with a fabric belt then consider replacing it with a leather option to avoid it looking like a belted dressing gown, though I have to admit that I have worn both a kimono with my pyjamas and a dressing gown with my jeans!

how to style a kimono

It’s also a great throw on for the beach over shorts, It brightens up the outfit and is a great coverall if like me you hate getting your legs out! More style ideas below.

kimono dress summer look


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