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Impress Your Guests With Floral Ice Buckets
Floral Ice Bucket
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Impress Your Guests With Floral Ice Buckets 


Ice Bucket With Fruit

Impress your Dinner Party Guests with a fancy floral ice buckets or ice cubes. One of my favourite things to do is entertain. Mostly this is more about catching up with friends while we share a one pot meal around the kitchen table with a bottle of wine, very relaxed, no pressure.  But every now and again it is really nice to push the boat out.  When that occasion arises, there are a few easy tricks that make it look like you’ve been up all night preparing.  

Ice Cubes

For the ice cubes, as much as I would like to have the skills of Martha Stewart, I don’t, but this is really not rocket science. What I would say is go for a vibrant colour and make sure that the flowers fit the tray, if they are bunched up you won’t see the actual form of the flower itself, so rose buds are great. Literally put them in and  fill the ice cube tray with water, preferably not tap water as often that seems to freeze slightly opaque, although that’s not too much of an issue.

Making The Bucket

For the bucket, pick two pots preferably where the inner pot has handles that will rest on the outer pot. You can buy a mould though they aren’t easy to come by. Check out the other moulds available too, there are ones for ice sticks and the big ice balls for gin that are fabulous. Don’t use ceramic pots for your floral ice buckets, go for glass or light metal. This is because when you try to defrost it by running it under a hot tap to loosen, the ceramic take ages to warm up. The last thing you need 30 minutes before your guests arrive is a wrestling match trying to get the damn thing out. The pots obviously have a bigger surface area so you can use bigger blooms for this or even fruit or berries, and a little green foliage. 


Stockists for moulds.

Quick Tips

Another tip is to use an old plastic soft drinks bottle. Stand your bottle of spirits in the drinks bottle and fill with water and flowers and freeze the whole thing. Remove the plastic later and you have a pretty encased bottle that will keep it chilled all night. I tend to only do this for spirit bottles, as the wine doesn’t last long enough to warrant the effort I’ve made!

Next tip is to check your freezer capacity. I did this one year, then I realised that there was no way of fitting it in my freezer.  

Floral Ice Cubes

Lastly it will take 24 hours to freeze. Don’t be tempted with less. Putting it on a table with your wine will look great for 10 minutes. The effect is ruined if only the outer shell has frozen. You get a dam burst all over your main course. Even then make sure its set on a plate or shallow bowl to get you through the evening.


Apart from that, have fun and check out our other lifestyle hacks coming up.







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