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Is Green The New Black?
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Is Green The New Black? 

Is Green The New Black?

As a resident of the desert, I admit that I get a little over excited at the prospect of wearing anything remotely wintery. At the merest hint of rain, the boots and jumpers come out.  I will relish the 30 minute downpour of inclement weather in my winter woolies even if it means sweating like a menopausal maniac through the other 23.5 hours of the day. Having not managed even a few days in Europe this year, I am starved of the opportunity to wear cosy clothes and indulge my love of chunky polo necks. 

But now it’s getting a bit chillier in the evenings. I am on a mission and looking at some winter colour alternatives to my go-to neutrals and blacks. When Netflix and the fashion world announced tongue in cheek that Orange was the new black I cried. Nothing like looking tango’d if the colour doesn’t suit you. But seems now that Green is the new black, and is heaps more versatile. Forgiving in the darkest forest greens for those not wanting to stray too far from black, but also in more vivid stand out greens if you’re feeling adventurous. Zara have a great selection at the minute. The green culottes are super comfy and team with a knitted sleeveless jumper.



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