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Is It Time To Downsize?

Is It Time To Downsize? 

Well I’ll let you know.

To be honest, I’ve probably bitten of more than I can chew I think. The plan was to downsize when the kids all left home, so this is a tiny bit earlier than planned, as they haven’t all quite left yet to be fair. But we are still rattling around in the family house. Then a chance conversation, a chain of events, an offer on the house that we couldn’t refuse, and no Plan B.

An apartment! Makes sense, lock and go right?

25 years of life in Dubai, mostly gathering more and more stuff as we go.  Now is to be scaled down. Kayaks, camping equipment, wakeboards, ski stuff, and bikes bikes bikes. Ask me if there’s ample storage in this new apartment? There is, a cupboard. A small cupboard. So the last few weeks has meant a complete declutter.Getting rid of stuff is something I’ve written about before, but this is a whole new level. Conversations like “But mum I need all 14 rugby balls”  and YES! Of course I still play with my Barbie! Have all been had and resolved.

And a change is as good as a rest right?

Downsizing is something generally done in your 70’s or older. My parents have just done it. But why wait? Why carry on cleaning and paying for space you don’t need.  It’s like Blackpool illuminations here most nights in rooms I don’t even use!

The US site After55 suggests the optimum age is 64! It suggests that for downsizers, a care facility is the next step to give your kids less to worry about.  But that’s not my motivation at all.  I might have wanted a family house, and I’ve had a family house. I realise now I  don’t actually need a family sized house. It’s a choice, and ok I do own others but that’s besides the point. And I’ve got a way to go before I’m 64!

I understand though that for many people the family home is and will always be the family home. Regardless of whether it is still fit for purpose. Right area, size, works for your lifestyle. For me, I actually thrive on life editing.

Life Editing ( I made that up) is where you’re periodically taking stock of where you are, where we are as a family, what works what doesn’t. With the children growing up, we don’t need the bedrooms, the playrooms, the garden for the kids to play in, the space. Don’t need to be a commutable distance from school ( well not for too much longer), we can start moving towards a different lifestyle. One where you go down in a lift and have restaurants in walking distance.

It might be a stepping stone, it might be completely impractical, too small, it might be a nightmare. I might even be upsizing this time next year but for now  I’m actually quite excited. Because it’s a change.

Of course there’s short term pain . All the packing. The boxes, will the kayak fit in the cupboard? But it will be worth it? Hell Yes!!

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