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Is Liquid Collagen a Fad?
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Is Liquid Collagen a Fad? 

Is Liquid Collagen a Fad?

I’m not a trendsetter. When eyebrows were being micro-pigmented and micro-bladed by 13 years olds I was still using the pencil for a few years until everyone but my mother had done it. This is no different really but at least I take my time, research the options and trial until I’m sure Ive made the right choice, not the first choice.

So wasn’t sure if Liquid Collagen was a fad, it’s been in my face creams for ages, granted, but when people started swallowing it in various forms I was more than a little skeptical. It reminded me of one time I got some medication from the doctor, and when I opened it, the little pamphlet was in German. So I popped a capsule and sat down with google to read the contraindications. Which started—-insert the pessary…..

So I haven’t raced to swallow my collagen until now.

Collagen food supplements  are said to contribute to the skins appearance from within. It’s apparently clinically proven to slow down  the skin ageing process in the deep layers of the skin with significant improvement after 3 months.



Mentioned benefits include

Decreasing skin collagen fragmentation by 31%

Decreases appearance of deep wrinkles y 30%

Increases skin hydration by 28%

And suppleness by 19%

I’m aware that much has been written about collagen being broken down in the digestive system making it unlikely to reach the skin, but Auracos has trade marked an ingredient called Peptan F, which is a pure natural fish derived ingredient, hydrolysed to reduce the molecular structure, making it more easily absorbed . And it’s made in Switzerland. The Swiss have great skin and lots of squeaky white laboratories, so I was halfway sold.

That said it still doesn’t purport to be a miracle in a bottle, but for someone who micromanages their bone density  and is delighted by a 0.2% improvement ( see osteoporosis and menopause – young women stop reading we hate you) , I’ll take any product that claims those results. Also since I have always taken fish oil anyway, I decided to give it a go. The manufacturers recommend 3 weeks to 3 months which to be fair is a stretch as its not particularly cheap

What to Look For in a Collagen Supplement

If you’re going to do this, don’t bother unless its a high grade  hydrolysed version since regardless of what it says on the packaging, the chances of it making any difference are limited. I found Auracos had the highest concentration (10,000mg) than its’ competitors, and I’m not affiliated in any way whatsoever.



So for me 7 weeks in,  I feel the difference. I’m finding I use less foundation, instead of the fashionable matte which could cover a tattoo of the devil himself in one squirt, I’m back to the tinted moisturisers. Which to be fair at my/our age is a little less harsh. Fine lines, definitely improved, and much much much more hydrated.

This in turn could be the big glass of water I started drinking after the collagen. I’m not that keen on the taste.

It’s a thumbs up from me for now. And I know you want a picture,. This for me is cringe worthy at 54 so ignore the pout, it was the best of a bad bunch. And the lippy was a deal breaker – sorry


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