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Let’s Celebrate Beauty

Let’s Celebrate Beauty 

Let’s Celebrate Beauty

Sometimes it takes something really big to give humanity a wake-up call. Now more than ever, we realise that we are all fundamentally just the same. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what we look like or what we have. When it comes down to it, we all have the same fears and aspirations. We all want to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. So today we wanted to take a moment to appreciate & celebrate cultural diversity. These images celebrate our uniqueness, heritage and journey through life. Let’s celebrate Beauty.


middle eastern beauty desert winds photography
Image via Tumblr. Photographer: Desert winds. More stunning photograph
Red haired model portrait
Image via Pinterest


karsten thormaehlen photography ageing gracefully
Karsten Thormaehlen photograph of his friend’s grandmother started his passion for photographing centenarians (over 100). See more of his beautiful images ‘ Ageing Gracefully’ published by Chronicle books.   


lumière unique beauty black with blue eyes portraits
“Lumiere” – Images of this young Cameroon girl have hit Instagram due to her unique and beautiful look


Noelle Theard vitiligo stunning model
Noelle Théard via


Valentin Yasen Oldushka models the beauty of aging
Valentina Yasen, photographed for Oldushka models, a Russian model agency embracing the beauty of ageing.
Image via British Vogue
Parisian Elen Jordan classic beauty gray-haired model
82-year-old Parisian Elen Jordano, who worked for Yves Saint Laurent, has lived on Ibiza for 35 years. Image via:condénasttraveller


Xueli Wil, model unique beauty
Xueli Wil, model
Image via Pinterest


Daphne Selfe: image via Guardian
Ethiopian beauty
Retlaw Snellac Photography


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