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Look Forward To A Weekend in Oman

Look Forward To A Weekend in Oman 

When we need something to Look Forward to – Look Forward to a Weekend in Oman.

Westin Hotel Oman weekend staycation

Before the world came to a screeching halt I went to Oman. I hope to go again when everything gets back to normal. Next time I will appreciate it even more. Walking with others along the beautiful beaches, the buzz of a restaurant filled with laughter. Meeting friends. No social distancing.

We had booked the W Hotel which last time I visited Oman was still under construction. It didn’t disappoint. W Hotels are deemed to be the trendy end of the Marriott Group and from the first impressions of the reception area, through to the rooms and the restaurants it had wow factor.

The rooms were bright and funky but the space was very well used. The suites were out of this world. The W Hotel is almost too trendy for Oman seems at odds with the sleepy laid back surroundings. Tables in the bar that glow bright pink feel more like Ibiza, but the vibe is fantastic.

The food was top end and reasonably priced and the service was to the usual super high Marriott standard. The beach in typical Omani fashion though was quiet and tranquil, a quality you take for granted until you visit the beaches of Europe and are lucky to claim a patch the size of your towel!

Cant’t wait for the quarantine to be over, and can’t wait to go back.

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Westin Hotel Oman weekend staycation Westin Hotel Oman Weekend Staycation Westin Hotel Oman weekend staycation Westin Hotel Oman weekend staycation Westin Hotel Oman weekend staycation Westin Hotel Oman weekend staycation Westin  W Hotel Oman weekend staycation

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