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Making Christmas Memories

Making Christmas Memories 

Making Christmas Memories – My Favourite Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas Traditions, to me, they make Christmas special and things my parents did when I was young, have been repeated in my own family since my kids were old enough to remember.  They are things that we all look forward to and act as milestones every year, even if a few of them are a little cliched and have been massively outgrown. This is one of my favourites.

Christmas Pyjamas!

So its always been a long-held tradition that we all get new Pyjamas for Christmas which is hardly groundbreaking, let’s face it PJ’s usually figure under the tree from granny or mum, or sexy ones from hubby if we’re lucky (!) But I am I admit a control freak and Christmas morning is an occasion for getting dressed up.  I understandably lost the battle when the children were young trying to get everyone suited and booted first thing in the morning to open presents, particularly as the mornings sometimes started practically at dawn! So I got the idea of giving the kids their PJ’s the night before, so at least they were wearing nice new ones when they came down. 

Christmas Eve Box

So the Christmas Eve Box tradition was born. Each child got a box with the PJ’s in plus fluffy Christmas socks or slippers, some naughty chocolate/popcorn and a mug with a sachet of hot chocolate.  In years past I used to include a Christmas movie to watch (obviously not required in this day and age!) and reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn.  This meant the kids had something to look forward to the night before and got them settled down for an early night.

Like all good traditions though, it happens regardless of age, and so the reindeer food has gone but the rest of the box is looked forward to as much now as ever, for mum and dad too.  The best thing of all though is that I get a family photo of us all in matching outfits, which in turn becomes the Christmas card for the following year!

But the logistics of getting Christmas PJ’s to fit everyone was always a bit of a nightmare until I found this great site called  If you google them they have a whole section dedicated to family Christmas Pj’s. They are really cheap, on average about 50-75 Dhs. each if you’re ordering from Dubai, with sizes from newborns to XXXL and deliver to your door within a few days. But order now as they get super busy. This is an example from their site and some cringe but fun pics of us over the years. Best are the grimaces on the kids’ faces as they grit their teeth for the photo but they love it really


So for the Pjs try   

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Christmas is coming so if you like our post on Making Christmas Menories, look out for upcoming posts on

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