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Our Secret Stuffing Recipe
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Our Secret Stuffing Recipe 

Yes I know it’s too late for Christmas dinner but yesterday the most important component of my Christmas dinner arrived from the UK. Not the turkey, or the brandy butter thank goodness otherwise we would have been dining on beans on toast on 25th!!  But for our secret stuffing recipe I needed  McVities Jamaican Ginger Cake. So because of its late arrival I’m making it for New Years Eve, before we all get sick of turkey. Its my last chance.

So MVJGC is Impossible to find in Dubai it’s my holy grail and a must for my Christmas (New Years) Stuffing. So even if it’s too late, tuck this little nugget away for next year.

While most of the world uses breadcrumbs in their turkey stuffing, Nigella and my mother always taught me to use ginger cake instead. It’s a bit random for sure but it’s sticky, dark and gingery and once you’ve tried it you’ll never go back. I have also used panettone in the past, the italian cake which is also nice. I think the extra sweetness of either makes a great difference.

Here’s my Christmas Secret Stuffing Recipe though as i don’t weigh anything, the proportions are up to you


Sausagemeat – or two or three packs of sausage with the skins removed –  I know we are in the Middle East but it’s Christmas …

A few Cubed apples – I like my stuffing chunky but you can chop them finely

Dried cranberries – soaked in a few slugs of Marsala wine

Handful of parsley, thyme,sage, allspice

handful of pecans – toasted and crumbled

A few chopped apricots

Jamaican ginger cake – usually need 2

Chopped onions

2 eggs



Ok so could not be easier, put all of the dried ingredients in a bowl, Add in the soaked cranberries, beaten eggs and sausage meat and mix with or hands. It messy so take off your rings and get stuck in.

It’s quite dense an takes a while to cook, so i never actually stuff the turkey with it as it seriously disrupts the cooking time for the turkey which is already difficult. I usually turn it into casserole dish and it will go in on 200 degrees for about an hour. A skewer in the middle to make sure its piping hot beƒø®´serving. But also delicious in turkey sandwiches cold on boxing day.

For other lovely recipes check out

and for those you don’t know Nigella Lawson, is a treasure trove of gorgeous recipes, especially Nigellas Christmas


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