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Oversized Chandeliers
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Oversized Chandeliers 

Oversized Chandeliers

Dubai has a tendency to upsize everything. Like Macdonalds, they supersize everything and many of the villas here whether old or new build often have these double or triple height spaces, historically used in the house as wind towers before air conditioning or just as an architectural feature. When we moved into our villa 6 years ago there was a triple-height space in the middle of it with tiny windows at the top that let in no natural light so I set about finding a light fixture for it. But if you have ever shopped for oversized chandeliers or any light that’s big, you will know that the price tag matches the size.

Design Your Own

I thought I would, therefore, share a great little secret find of mine. Did you know that there was an ironmonger in Dubai? Called Ferforge they used to be based on Sheikh Zayed Road before the Marina and The Meadows ever existed. It long since moved to Sharjah, but they still do bespoke items as do many artisans if you ask. So I sketched this – let’s call it a lampshade! On the ground you can fit 5 adults inside it and hung up it weighs over 70 kgs but the mashrabya cutouts cast such a beautiful pattern of stars on the walls at night it’s so simple but pretty and it cost next to nothing.


The retail markup on so many items these days is staggering and if you go to a local source you will find a much cheaper option, plus you are supporting local crafts.




But don’t stop at lighting, save a fortune designing your own furniture. Here’s one of my favourite beds from their gallery. It means so much more when you’ve designed it yourself and it could be a family heirloom in the making.

If you’re in Dubai google Ferforge, they don’t have a website but well worth a visit. Also Star Wrought Iron is a great company to check out

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