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The Art of Bathroom Display

The Art of Bathroom Display 

decorative soaps for bathroom display French style

The Art of Bathroom Display.

I’m not quite Mrs Hinch but I do hate clutter and love a good storage idea that makes sense but looks nice, even styled, and the bathroom is always a room that can look cluttered. It’s hard to emulate hotel glam in a space where you retreat to relax in indulgence where empty deodorant cans and half squeezed toothpaste tubes litter every surface.

ideas for pretty bathroom storage French style

No fear, lots of great and glam ideas for bathroom storage that won’t break the bank. A repurposed cake stand looks lovely with some artisan soaps and a few artfully placed posh pots. When I say flannels, it conjures up visions of having your face roughly scrubbed with one by grandma when you were a child and no one really buys them these days. But facecloths are cheap and the first thing to go on discount during the sales, and you’ll notice that no 5-star hotel bathroom is complete without a few rolled precisely in a wicker basket. They look great but they are handy too for using instead of a towel to avoid the remnants of make-up on your fluffy bath sheets.

pretty bathroom storage ideas to organise your bathroom essentials

Glass jars are also fantastic for display and storage, especially things you use every day. Small tubes of creams, cotton wool puffs and even make up brushes. If your bathroom, however, would make Debenhams beauty counter look ill stocked, then some nice wicker baskets with lids might be worth investing in.

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pretty bathroom storage ideas of soaps and essential bathroom items



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