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The Eyebrow Revolution
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The Eyebrow Revolution 

I took the plunge and got my eyebrows done. Oh the vanity, I hear you cry. Ok yes, it is a bit, but post lockdown I was trying to feel a bit more normal, and this was a quick fix. At least quicker than tackling the “lockdown kilos” we are all suffering from.

To be fair my eyebrows have been with me since birth, I’m quite attached to them, and them to me obviously, but over the years they have morphed into hairy umbrellas over my eyes. Little rainbow shapes that get thinner with the passing years.  I have no recollection of over plucking them. I do remember that each OUCH was excruciating so I certainly didn’t do it out of some masochistic pleasure, but all the same, they need shaping and a few replacing. My fear was that I would end up with the painted on ‘slug brows’ preferred by the young these days that look like they have been painted on with a marker pen. But I had done my research.

I made an appointment with Chelsea Gregory in Dubai after many many recommendations that she is the Eyebrow Goddess. She combines a number of techniques including semi permanent make up to shade the area to make it look more natural. I had heard horror stories of the permanence of tattoos and seen some remarkably scary photos online, but was assured that my fears would be allayed. Since we are still in a semi-state of non-socialising, at least I’ll have time to get used to them

Several Days Later

– So it’s done. Visited Chelsea on Wednesday, 3 days ago and despite having a brown paper bag ready to put over my head just in case I am cautiously delighted with the results. Chelsea put me at ease immediately, and after five minutes felt like I was catching up with an old friend. Ten minutes of chatting and I’d almost forgotten what I was there for!

She took a before picture, then sketched on, the positioning of my new brows. She took great care to make sure they looked even, and natural, I was quite nervous, to be honest, so kept trying not to overthink what she was going to do. I thought about all of those delighted women before me and decided to relax into the process.

A little numbing cream meant that the little tool that deposited the pigmentation didn’t hurt at all. Well, it took a bit of getting used to. A tingling as opposed to childbirth. very bearable. I was glad when it was over though.   I remember people telling me that laser hair removal was painless.  They lied. I never went back. But this was absolutely ok.

After a couple of brush strokes, she showed me in the mirror and I was relieved I didn’t look like Groucho Marks. An hour or so later I was done.  Chelsea used a combination of pigmentation and shading to ensure a 3D look, and so it didn’t look painted on. The effect was amazing.

She gave me strict instructions on aftercare and some images of the phases would go through.

What To Expect




The following day the skin under my brows was a little red, but not sore. I probably wouldn’t have gone out in public but equally, it didn’t look like I’d been boxing Mike Tyson.



So I’m now on day 3 and yes they do look a tiny bit dark but I’m not going anywhere and I trust Chelsea that they will lighten. I also noticed when I put on my makeup this morning that there was very light flaking. Like I had not cleaned the old makeup from my brows and it was flaking off.  I gave them a light brush and put the balm on that Chelsea gave me. I’m still loving them. 100% improvement on before.

A few weeks on and although it’s a terrible picture they have definitely softened and paled slightly. I have to say I’m delighted and wished I hadn’t been such a baby and done it years ago. They really do restructure your face and I find I don’t need eye make-up as my eyes already look much more ‘done’ than before. The Eyebrow Revolution is well worth joining!

If you want to contact Chelsea or look at her gallery check out

Or look out for options in your local area.


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