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What’s Your Superpower?

What’s Your Superpower? 

What’s Your Superpower?

SO it’s 2021 and I was deciding what would be the first thing I would write about. I’m not one for New Years Resolutions but one thing that is important is my unapologetic commitment to being me. At 53 years of age I have discovered the art of self development, and understanding myself better.

A  few years ago I was asked by our Life coach (yes we have had one for years and love it!) to do a Strengths Test. After running a mile, he explained it had more to do with character strengths and personality superpowers rather than dumbells and running machines.

I had always been partial to a bit of introspection and was initially interested to find out what my strengths were and whether they resonated with me.  I hated how managers and teachers always tell you to focus on improving your weaknesses. Why? Why when I have strengths I can capitalise on and I can leave things I’m not good at to other people – like my husband!  I am the organiser in the family, the dreamer and have always planned the route and direction of our lives, My husband is the motivator and being Irish is the instigator of our social life. We combine our strengths. But knowing them in more detail can help that process, and also identify where  strengths overlap

The results are borne out through an incredibly long list of unrelated psychometric questions. The test costs about 50 pounds from Gallup Clifton Strengthfinder and takes about 45 minutes to complete but is so worth it, and a great gift. You receive a list like the one below.

It is  HUGELY accurate, and I am always blown away. So what are my superpowers?


My top 5 were



This is me to a tee. I have spent my life envisioning the future and working towards it. Starting sentences with “wouldn’t it be great if….”I plan based on what something looks like in my head. This is a fantastic motivator for me because if I can envisage it I am more inclined to achieve it.

Conversely I find it a drawback when the picture in my mind is thrown a curveball and my one track to achievement is derailed.  So the futurist in me can paint a picture of the perfect evening in with hubby, a nice home-cooked steak and a bottle of wine, but when I get the “I’ll be late” call I don’t deal well. Every strength has a balcony and a basement it seems. My husband is an Adaptor which by definition means he can take curveballs in his stride. Me? Not so much.


This too is me. I hate faff! Don’t put me in a room where everyone endlessly looks at a problem from 200 different angles and ponders the merits and drawbacks. It drives me insane. I like to get straight to the heart of something and say let’s do it. Then worry about how. This also motivates me but makes me impatient with procrastinators!

 Relator and Empathiser

These are very emotional traits which means I am a bit of an emotional sponge.  Good if the energy in the room is positive, not so good if it’s negative. I will empathise to the point that it affects my own mood, but I’m apparently a good listener which is nice.


Oh yes! I’m forever trying to improve everything and everyone, much to everyone’s annoyance. “Yes that’s lovely but it would be better if….” Just ask my children and they will tell you that a C in Chemistry was great but a B would make mummy happier.

So what have I learned from this little exercise?

Well, I think it’s good to explore our natural talents, and I identify with my superpowers 100% we are all different and bring different traits to the table. A great thing to do with teenagers, even more so those lacking in confidence because it does really focus you on your natural abilities and less on what you aren’t.  Your strengths fit into different categories too which will identify if you are stronger at relationships or a thinker, a doer or an influencer.



I think it also makes me more aware of what I’m not so good at and accept it. We can’t all be good at everything. Not even me!

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