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Zipping in Jebel Jais

Zipping in Jebel Jais 

Zipping in Jebel Jais

So the other week we found ourselves in Ras Al Khaimah. We don’t go very often so we decided to make the most of getting out of the city even though it was still a bit hot. We had heard about the Jebel Jais Zip Line and that it was the longest zip line in the world ( surprise surprise for this region) and despite me doing my level best to dissuade her, my daughter Jenna was hell-bent on having a go.


You need to book in advance and make sure you allow plenty of time to get there. When we found it on google maps, we had to add another 20 minutes as the map will have you believe the location is at the bottom of the mountain rather than the top!

On arrival, they checked us, and give us a waiver form, but once we had signed our life away it was very professional. We got fitted for what looks like a sleeping bag with straps and a helmet with a Go-Pro. Then we were good to go and taken to the higher launch platform. The main area has a great little cafe and the views are magnificent, which took my mind off the fact that my 14-year-old was being launched off a mountain, suspended on a wire for 3km.

All I saw was a fleeting whizz and a scream, which is a bit disconcerting but she absolutely loved it. The video says it all……….


So if you fancy Zipping in Jebel Jais – Book the zip line by contacting 

Cost is around 300 Dhs each and worth every dirham

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